Micellized Curcumin – A Market Overview

Currently, there are six products containing micellized curcumin, each of which contains the same patented ingredient, NovaSol Curcumin by Aquanova from Darmstadt. NovaSol Curcumin has been drafted on by the doctoral thesis by Schiborr et al. in their examination of bioavailability of different forms of curcumin administration as well as the Alzheimer’s study by Eckert.

The first micelle curcuma available on the market was Curcucell® by Essential Foods, followed by Curcusol, Curcumin-Loges, CurcuDyn, Arcumin PLUS and Curcuflex.
Arcumin PLUS contains a low vitamin D addition which is solely for the purpose of drawing on additional vitamin D health claims. The dosage contained is far from sufficient for a proper vitamin D supply and much too expensive with this combination drug. Curcucell(r) offers the best price-performance ratio.

An annual ration of 720 capsules costs 6,33€ per gramme. Arcumin is by far the most expensive product with a price of 16,15€ per gramme which cannot be justified even with the added extra vitamin D. Curcucell is also the least expensive product in small package sizes. One capsule of Curcucell delivers the equivalent of 8g of native curcumin!

Highly Bioavailable Curcumin Against Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Inflammations

Curcumin, which has been proven beneficial when treating  Alzheimer’s and cancer amongst other things, gets mostly destroyed while passing the liver. This is remedied by a new dosage form using curcumin encapsulated in micelles allowing for 453 times of the amount to be delivered via the liver into the blood stream on a short term basis and 185 times of the amount on a 24 hour average, as compared to using native curcumin. This colloidal curcumin is available as Curcucell.

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Curcuma Against Anxiety and Depression

Curcuma is thought to be helpful against anxiety and depression. This has been concluded by nearly two dozen studies conducted over the past years. Most recently, researchers of the Murdoch University in Australia have been investigating the effects of curcuma in a study.
Their result: The active agent curcumin reduces symptoms of depression when ingested over a period of eight weeks.

”The anti-depressant and anxiety moderating effects can likely be traced back to its effects of normalizing specific physiological pathways”, according to the study’s authors. Curcumin supposedly increases serotonin levels and reduces stress hormons like cortisol.

(Source: nachrichten.at)

Curcumin is known in India for thousands of years for its stimulating effects and the reduction of chronic fatigue. It increases energy production within the mitochondrions of our cells and decreases cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

>>Curcuma – Spice and Healing Root

The effects of highly bioavailable curcumin are being intensely investigated by a German team of researchers. One of the topics is researching in what way curcumin can constrain age related changes in brain cells.

A first investigation into this area has been published as a study[37] by Dr. Gunter Eckert of Frankfurt University. He could show that ingesting micellized curcumin leads to a noteworthy improvement in mitochondrial function in brain cells. This is an important element in the defence against neurodegeneration and Alzheimer’s disease.

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